Winner of the Clark Gross Novel Award 2011 and quarterfinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014





Deep in the Andean highlands, a delusional boy and his blood-spattered llama stumble on the body of an angel. When the governor investigates and discovers a woman with the wings of a condor stitched into her back, he instructs the boy to keep his mouth shut, and Dr. Gregory Vásquez Moreno to do a secret autopsy.

Stunned by the victim’s injuries and eerie resemblance to his late wife, Nita, Gregory confronts the work of a butcher. Nita’s secrets lie buried in the stranger’s bird-like body, stripped bare by his scalpel, and Gregory’s trust of the beautiful woman he’d married splinters. Defying the governor, he turns the body over to the Chief Medical Examiner, and a brutal police force steps in.

Gregory senses the killer stirring when he meets Sophie Lawson, a forensic anthropologist traveling from San Francisco with her son. Sophie could be Nita’s twin, but the likeness has a ghostly edge, for in the high-altitude village they’re visiting, reality and fantasy compete.

As fear tightens its grip on Gregory, Sophie’s exotic vacation implodes when she disappears. Before she meets a grotesque fate, Gregory must undertake a frenzied search across a mountain range haunted by ritual and superstition. Nothing prepares him for the macabre truths he uncovers.

GRAVE OF HUMMINGBIRDS is a story of powerful and enduring love, with the dark resonance of a gothic mystery and grit of a thriller. In a land scarred by sorrow, one man will go to any lengths to restore his loss, even if it’s in pieces.